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Marie Macioce

Marie is a columnist, novelist, screenwriter and humorist. She began her writing career working for Brooklyn's local newspapers, Courier Life and Brooklyn Graphic. She was later syndicated by the United Features Syndicate, where she irreverently wrote tongue-in-cheek columns dubbed “The Brooklyn Bombeck.” Marie and her husband, Patrick, a retired police officer, reside in Brooklyn, New York. Together, they are the proprietors of an online wicker and jewelry business, and enjoy the leisure activities of antiquing and attending car shows. 

Gabrielle Strauss

Gabrielle Strauss is an itinerant Bible lecturer from Brooklyn, New York. In between poring over the commentaries, she is a passionate telemarketer and employment agent who enjoys music and studying languages. 

George Stillman

George Stillman is one of the world's greatest women's running coaches of the 1980's. His methods were unconventional but he proved there was a method to his madness. More famously, Stillman wrote and performed Poetry In Motion long before it was adopted by the New York City MTA. 

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