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Submissions & Queries

We are currently accepting submissions. If you are an author or poet and would like to submit a manuscript or collection, please mail or e-mail us a query letter. Please do not send us your manuscripts; all manuscripts will be returned to the sender unread.


299 Broadway

Suite 605

New York, NY 10007

T. (212) 267-1158

F. (212) 267-1199

Short Story Contest

 All short stories are welcome here. Every week we will select one winner of the Ramblings Short Story Contest. Your story can be about absolutely anything, just make it good.


Some Things to Know:

  • Stories are unpaid.

  • No more than 800 words.

  • Please send to the email above.

  • If you're local and reading in public sounds fun, we do literary events.

  • You are welcome to submit queries as well.   


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