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Poetry in Motion

     Long before Poetry in Motion was adopted by the New York City’s MTA it was written and performed by George Stillman, a renowned runner and trainer in the 1980’s.  It was first published in London, England in 1958. Upon its first publication it was read by the author with the backdrop of a live musician playing guitar. Its dark subject and unusual rhythms reflect the stranger than fiction events of the author’s life and experiences. 

1980’s Ramblings of a Running Guru

    Enter the mind of one of the great running coaches of the 1980’s. In these writings, George Stillman speaks about his childhood and upbringing, his unusual lifestyle, his friendship with celebrities, his training of women in running and his involvement in the nascent field of sports medicine. Some topics remain risqué even today, however, George is an unusual running coach, he is a guru of sports. 

Poetry In Motion & 1980s Ramblings of a Running Guru

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